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You Must Know These Safety Tips Before Taking Your Child To Swim

The weekend is just a matter of counting the days. It will be even more fun if you invite your child or nephew to swim and have fun! But, don't forget to pay attention to safety during swimming, huh! If not, the desired incident could happen, especially if you choose a public swimming pool which of course is filled with lots of people. Now, every public swimming pool has several rules that must be obeyed, especially for those of you who bring small children to swim there. Fortunately, those places usually provide buoys too, so you can ensure your child's safety even better. However, if your teenage child needs a buoy that helps him swims better, you can give him a pull buoy.

So, as a reference, we have some safety tips to invite children to swim in public swimming pools, such as:


The safety function of buoys cannot be underestimated. Especially if you bring a small child who is learning to swim. Make sure you bring a float from home with a tire model or one that is glued to both arms. If you don't have one, you can rent it from the pool manager.


The first thing you should pay attention to is to look at the age of the child or nephew you are swimming with. If he is not yet 12 years old, he must be supervised and accompanied by an adult while swimming. Also, pay attention to the child's height. If you think it is not suitable for swimming at a certain depth, it is better to be accompanied.


Each swimming pool has varying depths, from 0.5 meters to 3 meters. It is highly recommended that you find a swimming pool that has a children's pool with a depth of fewer than 0.5 meters. If you can, you can try them swimming in a deeper pool gradually.


The swimming pool is not a pool for bathing or dipping. So, swimwear is needed so that the movement, in the end, is not hampered. For men, you can choose short swim trunks with a fitting strap. As for women, they try to wear a tight and light bathing suit.


Oftentimes parents force their children to eat while swimming. This will disturb the digestion of the child when doing activities underwater. The risk of choking or even vomiting will be the consequence. So, make sure your child eats before leaving for the pool. A maximum of 30 minutes so that the food can be digested completely first.